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Medical liability due to professional negligence

We can say that there has been a malpractice when a doctor or health professional is not acting according to established medical protocols causing physical, moral and economic harm to the patient or his family members in case there are unfortunately maimed in some way or deceased.

The most common medical malpractices are:

  • Delay in diagnosing or misdiagnosis
  • Injury resulting from surgery
  • Prescribing wrong medications or treatments
  • Disease transmission through blood transfusions
  • Infections that occur in the hospital stay
  • …/…

The way in claiming medical malpractice liability depends on where it occurs:

A.  If this is a public establishment, liability will be claimed from the administration of the corresponding regional Health Department

B. If the malpractice has taken place in a private institution, liability will be claimed before the ordinary courts

Indemnities are both

  1. Personal for permanent injury, temporary disability, moral damages
  2. And material damages suffered by the patient: all expenses incurred by him during the healing process and those that in the future he may suffer as a result of medical malpractice and lost profits/salaries…

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