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Civil liability in injuries and falls

If we suffer some kind of injury or fall, either

– If we slide on the floor, we stumble on a step etc. in a restaurant, shopping centre, cafe,…

– Or if you have a fall on a street, walk, park, for its poor condition, a tile moved, misplaced street furniture etc.

There is a liability which someone has to face, be it the shop or the corresponding municipal administration. In either case the injured party has the right to claim compensation for the damages suffered.

It is always essential to obtain witnesses and if possible ask the police to make an statement of the time and place of the fall and the circumstances of it, be it either in a store or on the street.

What can we claim?

  • Working days that it took the injured to heal of their injuries
  • Any economic costs incurred (medical tests pharmaceutical expenses transport …)
  • And any side effect or consequence that might appear in the following months

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