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Debt recovery

Before getting into a lawsuit in order to claim an amount  that is owed to us it would be most advisable to try to go through other systems which are inexpensive  both in time and money :

  1. Extrajudicial requirement of payment: the debtor is informed via a certified communication of the amount  of money he owes and the intention we have if he does not pay in 5 days, to go to court and claim debt, plus damages, plus expenses.
  2. A process called «conciliation» is a process involving the judge but is considerably simpler than the legal claim. The judge calls both parties a certain day and time and at that hearing the parties try to reach an agreement with the help of the judge who will try to mediate to bring together the positions. If an agreement is reached it will be binding on both parties as if it were a sentence.

If neither the requirement of payment or extrajudicial conciliation have taken effect we have no alternative but to go to the ordinary courts.

Throughout the whole process is very advisable to use an attorney experienced in debt recovery and procedural law.  Iglesias & Asociados has one at your disposal.

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