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The NIE identification number

NIE stands for: Número de identificación de extranjero – Foreign identification number

Both residents and non residents in Spain will have to obtain an NIE number as they will be needing it for nearly any transaction and most everyday formalities

It enables you to pay the annual taxes or register your property. You shall use this number to buy a car in Spain, a property, hire a telephone, or open a bank account.Once issued an NIE number, it will never change, irrelevant of marital status, name changes or residence status. The NIE Number is a national number, and therefore the location of application is irrelevant as the number can be used throughout the whole of Spain.

The NIE shall be applied for at the National police station . You will be required to present the following documents:

  • Your original passport,in force, plus 1 copy.
  • The NIE application form completed and signed (form EX-15) This form can be downloaded from or obtained at police station
    2 photographs.
  • Bank receipt of the NIE fee payment(on form 790 obtained at the police station.

If you have any question please email